Solvent Trap Booster | How does it work and how to choose?

Solvent Trap Booster | How does it work and how to choose?

3 Things about Solvent Trap Booster

What is a Solvent Trap Booster?

solvent trap booster

The booster exists to help the short recoil gun circulate correctly and overcome the excessive weight at the end of the barrel. Since the barrel must be moved in such a system, the weight of the silencer usually requires additional force to help

How does Booster work?

The Booster system temporarily reduces the weight of the solvent trap on the barrel to allow the pistol to circulate.

Do you need a booster for a Solvent Trap?

When using a pistol with a fixed barrel, a booster is not required.

The use of the booster assembly allows pistols to properly cycle when the weight of a suppressor is added to the end of the barrel. Most pistols with a browning type action (Glock, Sig Sauer, HK and etc.) will require a booster to properly cycle.

Pistols with fixed or non-tilted barrels are known to be less fussy about solvent trap because they are less sensitive to the extra weight at the end.

At present, most pistols use the Browning inclined barrel design. The problem is that they are more sensitive to the extra weight at the end of the barrel. The most common solution is to add a "Nielsen device" (also known as a recoil booster/booster assembly). This allows the suppressor to be decoupled during the slip/action cycle.

Installing a Nielsen device on a fixed/non-tilted barrel will actually damage the gun because it will unnecessarily hit the threads and anything that might secure the barrel.

The suppressor on the firearm usually causes additional wear on the firearm because of the greater recoil and pressure on the locking mechanism. If/where possible, "tuning" a suppressor for a particular gun will help limit/eliminate additional wear. Unfortunately, this is often quite rare, as KAC and B&T are among the few that have done so (with H&K). Having a tuned suppressor can also improve the reliability of the firearm when it is suppressed.

There are other options that usually improve reliability at the expense of durability. Recently, some solvent trap are light enough that they allow many browning styles to work without Nielsen equipment. However, you end up sacrificing the overall life of the suppressor and making it more prone to collisions. You can use hotter ammunition (less restraint effect) or lighter recoil spring (more impact of slide/frame)

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